Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Digitized Morning

Guess I will be a bit busy.

See the above old fossil, there? Then the fixed line telephone. Move on to the Android-On-A-Netbook, another netbook and finally, an android tab. Of course, not to mention the mobile phone that I'm using to capture this photo.

With all those gadgets on my desk, I sure connected enough.

I mean connected, connected.

Wired and wireless to the world all day, today.

Thinking back, only one of these is actually necessary. One is enough and it does all the same function and other will just become redundant. It just that we tend to have extra things as life goes on because at the acquired time, we need them.

So what now. I'm thinking of a garage sale.

RM100 each? *Duh*

Bacaan penuh SUMBER ASAL

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